Milling Technologies

Being able to see the future. Helping customers finding new opportunities. This is the reason why Ocrim believes and continues investing in flour silos and, inside these, on blending.

These days flour blending plays a fundamental role in the daily mills efficiency and it represents its real added value. This is due to the fact that it allows the production of specific  and “ready to use” items, which can be customized according to every single market or client-also the final one-needs.

The knowledge of blending in general and its “recipes” application, together with its related components, is an essential tool for submitting the customers with suitable and varied solutions. Effectively flour is increasingly often becoming a simple component of a wider product.

Ocrim technology offers mixtures which can be composed of different solutions: batch, continuous, volumetric, with or without the addition of additives and/or ingredients, all with the chance to have also their qualitative and quantitative in line controls.

Ocrim is a Company integrated in the flour management systems, and so it’s able to adopt its own technology also to the semolina mixing, and related ingredients and/or additives, for the pasta factory. Its realizations are indeed appreciated also in this market branch.

The automation system is an integral part of the mixing. It’s possible to obtain a final product stable in time and able to guarantee the respect of all the rules requested these days, for example traceability, only thanks to the combination between technology and a correct process management, obtained by means of automation.

Ocrim has designed and provided various blending systems, from the most well-structured to the simpliest, which can produce all the diverse kinds of customized products.


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