The Cusinato bucket conveyors are ideal for transporting fragile or delicate granular products such as: long and short pasta, legumes, dried fruit, candy, frozen food, pet food, chemical and granular products in general. They are available in different sizes and types to solve every vertical and horizontal transport problem. Each machine provides maximum reliability over time with a minimum level of maintenance and full respect of the load.

Our bucket elevators are equipped with:

  • one or more loading points with perfect sealing at any point of the horizontal section;
  • three different types of unloading: single (fixed unloading), multiple (more than one electro-pneumatic unloading) or sequential: Cusinato exclusive type for the even distribution of the product on a predetermined width (for example: Drying line belt or a dynamic silos);
  • safe, reliable, and complete unloading due to the 360° rotation of the bucket thanks to the Cusinato patent, with very low impact and mechanical wear;
  • buckets available in different versions and transport capacities, made in metal or plastic, also in a metal detectable version;
  • chain support and guide system, made of self-lubricating material with a very low coefficient of friction mounted on special and exclusive anodized extruded aluminium sections;
  • drip-free gutters in all the horizontal sections to prevent contaminations of lubricant from the chains;
  • minimum maintenance and long lasting.


Cusinato offers Silos manufactured with an exclusive system: a robust metallic weight bearing structure designed to carry product loads of particularly high weight, also considering the feeding systems (Belt or Bucket Conveyors). Cusinato has also developed an exclusive system for the fixing of panels, which prevents the formation of cracks due to the inevitable natural expansions and temperature changes of the environments in which they are installed, avoiding product leaks or stagnation.
In this way the panelling is relieved of the “weight bearing” function and ensures the non-deformability of the silo and the maximum degree of hygiene in each cell.Automatic loading systems for storage plants, equipped with bucket conveyors (or, on special request, with mobile belts), ensuring full flexibility in the routes and load cell combinations, as well as from different production lines.Stainless steel spiral lowerator for each cell (different versions, diameters and capacities), developed and perfected in order to accompany and deposit the products in the loading stage without damaging them, by fully exploiting the cell capacity.Extraction system by vibration for the even unloading of all standard pasta shapes, ensuring the complete emptying of the cells. Complete with adjustable sliding gate and flow deflector, both available in different versions: operated manually or automatically with remote control and with different sections/flows.Electrical control panel with PLC equipped with HMI (touch screen) operator interfaces or computerised (one or more PC workstations) that enables you to monitor the entire loading and unloading process, by programming and automating the loading of the silos and the sending of the product to the packaging machines. The computerised system is available with standard and/or customised functions.Computerised system equipped with instruments that monitor the activities of the plant and which ensures the management and reliability over time (operation events log, maintenance management, management operator passwords, production reports, traceability, statistics, alarms history, etc.).


The Cusinato spiral lowerators are ideal in all cases where “drop” transport is required, preserving the integrity of the transported product. The massive use by pasta manufacturers of spiral chutes for transporting pasta, has stimulated over time continuous improvements both from the point of view of design and performance, so much so that they are used successfully for transporting and filling of silos together with other types of fragile food products (snacks, dried fruit, dried vegetables, etc.).

The Cusinato spiral lowerators are:

  • Made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel;
  • Available in different types: for the drop feeding to fill storage silos, or simply for the conveying and dropping of the product between two transport systems (for example between 2 horizontal conveyor belts) placed on different levels;
  • Built using special machines and equipment, especially made. In addition to diameters of normal production (the standard 500 mm and the 800 mm) you can also have models with different diameters, with spirals of different pitch and cross-sections so to be able to cover other requirements in terms of capacity and type of product to be conveyed;
  • Available with various systems for supporting the spirals, developed and built in accordance with the specifications of the product to be conveyed: by means of external uprights or else with a central upright and support arms and with rounded edge on the section of the “Anti Stop” spiral (to prevent attachment and stagnation of certain pasta shapes). The welding and finishing are accurate and with the use of exclusive devices which prevent the product stopping, stagnating and spilling.