Pasta equipment


Equipped with innovative pneumatic system for trolley evacuation
Full stainless steel construction
Electronic control by PLC

Machine operating electro-pneumatically, engineered for automatic stacking of trays arriving from either a tray feeder, a nesting machine or a skein forming machine, onto the dryers trolleys, so as to reach maximum efficiency in production lines for short dry pasta and long pasta, either nested or skeined.
Equipped with innovative pneumatic system for trolley evacuation at the end of the loading cycle, system for tray handling through translation chains and guides for tray support enabling the stacker to operate even when the operator and/or the trolley is/are temporarily absent.

Structure and protection nets are made entirely in stainless steel.

Standard version complete with the following:

  • Pneumatic piston for trolley evacuation and flashing light signal to draw the operator's attention
  • Possibility to use standard trays measuring 60x120 cm or 30x120 cm, up to 32 pcs trays per trolley
  • Stainless steel control panel, equipped with control, security and alarm devices controlled electronically by PLC.

Special versions for trays featuring peculiar dimensions and shapes are available upon demand.


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