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Multiple-tier Pasteurizer SC with pre-dryer for fresh pasta

High performances ensured by reduced overall dimensions of the machine Pasteurization by overheated steam can be effected on two tiers, to which one or more drying tiers can be combined Particularly suitable for double-sheet ravioli requiring long treatment times
Pasta machine featuring new conception and high technology, ideal for large industries needing to exploit room in the best way possible in favour of high outputs. This model combines every feature of the SC pasteurizers. Running exclusively by overheated steam the pasta machine compact structure further improves the already proven efficiency of the SC models. From one up to three pre-drying tiers running by hot air can be added to the two pasteurization tiers, thus enabling to obtain final product ready for the cooling or packaging phase. Output depends only on length of the pasteurization chamber (“L”) and on the kind of product to be treated: dimensions, thickness, total humidity. Due to the high temperature the belts dedicated to pasteurization are made up of stainless steel net and side driving chain. Belts in polyester net and side driving chains or sector-shaped belt in polypropylene are used in the drying area.

Available models are following:
  • SC, W/A ...W 700 – 1000 – 1200 – 1500… indicates usable width of the pasteurizing mat;
  • “A” indicates length of the pasteurization chamber (in metres);
  • “D” means 2 tiers, “T” means 3 tiers, “Q” means 4 tiers, “C” means 5 tiers.
For instance: mod. SC 1000 / 8C Pasteurizer with mat measuring mms. 1000 in width (W), pasteurization chamber (A) measuring 8 mts., equipped with 5 tiers (C). Technical data and overall dimensions supplied upon request depending on model and size.

Overheaters SVA - electric running for pasteurizers

Suitable for production of overheated steam to be installed on board of pasteurizers running by steam injection
Suitable to increase performances of your pasteurizer enabling to obtain dryer products
Suitable for treatment of the steam used in direct injection pasteurizers, enabling to obtain higher pasteurization temperature thanks to quite dry, condensate-free steam. Different models are available: SVA 8 – SVA 15 – SVA 16, all to be fed by saturated steam at 6 Bar pressure.
Max. exercise temperature of the air/steam mixture: 200 - 350°C, controlled and modulated by the Pasteurizer control panel.
Manufactured in stainless steel, complete with finned resistances, insulation in glass wool and coating in stainless steel.
Supplied complete with adduction valves of steam and exhaust pipes for condensate discharge.


Ravioli and dumplings processing lines from 100 to 400 kg per hour may produce:

  • Cannelonni, kapeletti, dumplings of vacuum single-sheet dough with naturalegg oradditives (spinachetc);
  • Raviolli, dumplings of vacuum double-sheet dough with naturalegg oradditives (spinachetc);
  • Raviolli and dumplings of non-vacuum dough

Pasteurizer Compact PA 30/50/100/150 for fresh pasta

Pasteurization technology suitable for small outputs, ensuring excellent results Modern design, reduced overall dimensions, easy to clean
The PA Pasteurizers have been engineered to make it possible for fresh pasta producers with limited production capacity to exploit the pasteurization technology. The pasta pasteurization process has been developed and refined by Italpast for the big fresh and filled pasta production lines of the industrial type. After various requests from our customers we have decided to make pasteurization available also in the production range from approximately 30 up to 150 kgs per hour of the homemade-type productions.
The pasteurization treatment for fresh pasta is obtained by saturated steam, generated inside the machine itself directly below the conveyor belt, which is equipped with stainless steel net.
The evaporation basin can be heated up by liquid gas or methan gas (model PA 30/G) or by electrical heating elements (model PA 30 /E).
The pasta machine design is very compact, so as to enable use in the smallest possible rooms; also, the machine is easily accessible for washing and cleaning operations. All panelling is made in stainless steel.
Quartz lamps and fans are installed after the pasteurisation basin to pre-dry the product after pasteurisation. The main motor-drive is equipped with mechanical speed variator enabling variation of the pasteurization time.

Cooling machine for fresh pasta RF

Modern, high-performing pasta machine from 100 up to well over 1000 kgs per hour for ravioli and cappelletti Ideal for lowering temperature at core of the product
From 100 up to over 1000 Kgs per hour of ravioli and cappelletti.
The product must be cooled after the pasteurization and drying phase and before packaging, so as to:
1) lower temperature at core of the product to avoid its remaining at a potentially risky bacteriological temperature;
2) avoid condensations and product sticking in the bag.
Made entirely in stainless steel, complete with insulated panels in polyurethane and survey doors. Easily accessible for washing operations. Modern, simple, high-performing pasta machine. Dimensions change depending on the specific user’s requirements and on the available room. The conveyor belt can be in stainless steel with chain-driving system or sector-shaped, in white polypropylene, width 700 – 1000 – 1200 – 1500 mms. Models are available from 1 up to 5 tiers equipped with additional accumulation tier. Each conveyor is controlled independently and equipped with speed variator. The freon cooling plant can be installed at a distance, while the evaporators are located on board of the machine for running with all types of cooling gases or glycoled water. Average running temperature inside the cooling tunnel can reach minimum 0°C.
Models equipped with rotation de-frosting system can reach negative temperatures up to -5°C.
Upon demand the machine can be equipped with special bars for automatic washing of belts and basins.


In basic and classical implementation we provide automatic transfer mixer, dough lamination, automatic lobe stuffing.

For additional request it can be supplied with:

  • increased conveyors jobs for the effect of "hand modeling";
  • meat grinder for meat, fish and chicken mince processing;
  • boilers for dumplings lobe processing;
  • icemaker by which meat is being cooled;
  • tunnel or cold storage chamber;
  • cooking options and obtaining semi-products;
  • packers in correx with the filing of CO2 or other gases to preserve the shelf life up to 30 days

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