Pasta equipment

Die-washing machine CL 350/R - 460/R 

Machines suitable for washing of round pasta dies up to 400mm diameter by means of a high-pressure water jet. Entirely made in stainless steel 304 they are equipped with the following devices:

  • Airtight washing chamber inside which the pasta die is fitted leaning on suitable rollers that make it turn while washing is in progress
  • Closure lid equipped with safety sensor stopping the pump in case of opening
  • Adjustable stroke, oscillating washing ramps, equipped with interchangeable nozzles in stainless steel, suitable for high pressures
  • Collection basin of the washing water, capacity 160 lt. equipped with drawer-shaped filter
  • Electric control panel on board of the machine complete with control console in stainless steel, equipped with timer for regulation of the washing cycle
  • Piston pump group suitable for high pressure equipped with pressure regulator, complete with all safety devices and connection to the washing chamber and to the water recirculation basin.


CL 350/R

CL 460/R

Max. diameter of the pasta die

400 mm

460 mm

Max. pressure

50 bar

70 bar

Exercise pressure

40 bar

60 bar

Delivery capacity

68 L/min

80 L/min

Installed power

7,4 kW

11,2 kW

Pump dimensions

100x60xh70 cm

100x70xh75 cm

Washer dimensions

55x115xh170 cm

65x115xh185 cm


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