Pasta equipment


Automatic spaghetti spreading machine TR 600/1200
Various models featuring output from 200 up to Kgs per hour

Presenting the first, complete, automatic production line for short pasta and dry spaghetti in the medium production range has been an important event in the history of dry pasta production.
The spaghetti production unit featuring output from 200 up to 600 kgs per hour fits perfectly any requirements of all those pasta producers approaching the world of dry spaghetti for the first time. Years of experience and engineering have enabled to obtain such results so that today everybody can start long pasta production. Besides the production line by extruder MAC320 (see picture) Italpast can supply a fully automatic spaghetti production plant for 200 kgs per hour by extruder mod. MAC 220 with round extrusion head and spaghetti-spreading machine on sticks measuring 600 mms. in length. As to spaghetti production for 600 kgs per hour, extruder mod. MAC 600 with linear extrusion head and spaghetti spreading machine on sticks measuring 1200 mms. in length are used.

Thorough knowledge of dry pasta production in combination with first-rate quality machines is the best recipe for trouble-free spaghetti production. To ensure superior quality product the complete production process needs accurate check, as well as development of an advanced technology concerning the various machines making up the production line, mainly dryers, which adopt specific settings enabling correct drying.
Some standard models have been designed for the production of special products, such as “angel hair” 0,6 mms, “candele”, “ziti”, etc.

Suitable for spreading spaghetti and long pasta onto sticks
Equipped with trimming device and automatic waste recover

Suitable for spreading spaghetti onto sticks measuring 600 and 1200 mms., to be part of drying lines.
Simple to operate and reliable this machine is suitable for coupling with extruders that are equipped with linear pasta dies.
Fitting of the spreading cone (machine mod. TR 600/C) enables spreading of spaghetti extruded by round pasta die.
Equipped with speed variator enabling adjustable rate from 2 up to 10 sticks per minute.

Model equipped with the following

  • Guillotine cutting blade
  • Trimming knife
  • Automatic waste recover equipped with pneumatic conveyor and decompression cyclone on board of the mixer.

TA 600/C - 1000/C

Pasta machine complete with accumulating device Suitable for automation of the long, fresh pasta packaging phase Pasta machine running electro-pneumatically, suitable for automatic packaging of long pasta into bags or trays, to be included in fresh pasta production lines. Equipped with cross-cutting blade, width 600/1000 mms. depending on model, synchronized with the side sliding blocks for pasta accumulation. Prearranged to be equipped with cutting groups for the production of tagliatelle or other long, flat-section pasta. Line operation functioning and synchronization are controlled by PLC and programming keyboard.



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