Turn-key pasta factories


Equipment for the complete cycle of pasta processing - from flour storage to secondary packaging of bags with dry pasta (from 100 to 4500 kg per hour) of following types of pasta:

  • short cut pasta,;
  • long cut pasta;
  • nest and special shapes pasta;
  • lasagna, quadricci, farfale;
  • gluten-free pasta;
  • grated pasta;
  • pellets and snacks;
  • fresh-pasta;
  • home-made pasta;

Using technologies:

  • static drying;
  • continuous drying;
  • fresh pasta cocking and pasteurization by steam;

Ordering equipment, we will provide you free advice in the design of the bags, flour mixing types, building construction consultancy, based on our experience in the pasta processing factories project management from A to Z, using the know-how at this direction for our worldwide customers throughout 25 years.


Milling Equipments:

Pasta Equipment:

Packaging Equipment: