Turn-key pasta factories

Continuous mixer

Continuous mixing of alimentary pasta from 300 to more than 1000 Kg/h. Predisposed for equipped with centrifuge pre-mixer

Suitable for continuous preparation and hydration of alimentary pasta used for production of the following: sheet pasta thanks to automatic sheeters, short and long pasta thanks to extruders, special regional pasta.
They are generally used in continuous production lines with possibility to feed the dough automatically up to 8 stations thanks to proper conveyor belts or shuttle-system (see our SH models).

Entirely built in stainless steel, equipped with:

  • ladder and access footpath
  • automatic dosage of water
  • dosing of flour made up of receipt hopper with levels and beater
  • mixing basin with conical fixing shovels that can be turned in all directions, safety grid, pre-arrangement for waste recover cyclone
  • discharge shutter with pneumatic control......


  • Centrifuge pre-mixer
  • Dosing plant of eggs and other liquid additives........
  • Dosing tank of eggs or liquid additives with capacity from 150 up to 600 lts.
  • Flour feeding from silos or loading hopper
  • Predisposition for fitting of cyclone for automatic scrap recover

Automatic sheeter

Automatic sheeter to continuously feed moulding machines of ravioli and cappelletti and automatic cutting machines

The machine has been designed and manufactured to continuously feed the ravioli and cappelletti and cutting machines. The rolling shafts and cylinders are set horizontally. The particular opening of the shutters allow an accurate cleaning process of the inside parts that can be carried out in maximum safety conditions for the operator. 
The laminating-shaft group is equipped with distanced mechanics.
All parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel AISI 304.

The double-basin model operates autonomously, since it is equipped with mixing basin of various capacities dependig on the model.
Transfer of the dough from the upper to the lower basin occurs thanks to a pneumatic tilting device.

Also a single-basin model is available, ideal for coupling with a continuous mixer and to be part of continuous production lines.

Lasagna Machine

Output 200 kgs/hour of lasagne
Equipped either with laminating group (for products obtained from sheet pasta) or spreading cone (for products obtained directly from pasta die) upon demand

Stainless steel version available

Suitable for continuous productions;

fully automatic running controlled by PLC with relevant keyboard enables moulding of nests of the desired dimensions, shapes and lengths, as well as lasagne, automatically spread onto the drying looms and obtained either from laminated sheet pasta or from a pasta die; width of sheet mms. 510 (upon demand up to mms. 540).

Upon demand the machine can be equipped with the following:

  • Laminating unit for adjustment of sheet-pasta thickness, made up of couple of chromed, ground rollers
  • Automatic loom-feeding device featuring output of 8 pcs. looms cms. 60x120 with automatic loom-forwarding
  • Loom support after moulding, equipped with pre-drying fans
  • Equipped with electronic speed variator suitable for direct coupling with sheeter or extruder.

Technical features of Lasagne machine:

  • Longitudinal cutting group made up of adjustable-position rotative blades for determination of lasagna width and side trimming
  • Cross cutting group made up of temporised blade for determination of lasagne length, synchronized with loom-forwarding device.

Equipment supplied upon demand:

  • Special version with expanding cone for production of flat-, round-, oval-, waved-section nests (e.g. “reginette”) obtained from pasta die
  • Special version in stainless steel with direct discharge onto the pasteuriser net for production of fresh, nest-shaped “tagliatelle”.


Technical Data

Power Consumption with hot/overheated water using for drying lasagna

(Kg/h) dry product

Water temperature at the entrance (°C): 90/120 90/120
Absorbed thermal power (Kcal/h): 200000 360000

Electricity Consumption for electrical dryers / hotwater dryer

(Kg/h) 200 
Absorbed electrical power (kW): 250/75 450/135

Pneumatic, water consumption

(Kg/h) 200 
Compressed air consumption(Nl/1’): 200 300
Water for dough consumption(lt / h) : 50 100

Schema for 200 kgh


Suitable for cutting of long pasta, lasagne and “quadrucci” (soup pasta in small square shape). Mould support in anodized aluminium, structure made in sturdy tubular, stainless steel fitted upon wheels.

Equipped with the following devices:

  • Feeding conveyor belt of sheet pasta in polyester net with independent motorization by electronic speed variator.
  • Adjustable, sheet-opening support with matching roller.
  • Motorization group for moulds equipped with independent motorizations by electronic speed variator.
  • Conveyor belt for collection and transfer of product made in stainless steel with belt in polyurethane.
  • Electric control panel made up of stainless steel casing, insulation IP55,  fitted on board of the machine, equipped with multi-revolutions potentiometer enabling to adjust synchronization speeds.  
  • Pre-arranged for fitting  of moulds,  timer-controlled,impulse-cut for long pasta   and optic eye to adjust cutting length.
  • Pre-arranged for fitting  of calibrating rollers group with independent motorization. 

Catalogue of Pasta Shapes


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