Turn-key pasta factories

Small production lines for dry pasta featuring output from 50 up to 180 Kgs per hour by semi-automatic extruders equipped with vacuum extrusion device. 
Thanks to additional cutting devices (e.g. “penne”-cutter, impulse-cutter for cannelloni) you can also obtain special shapes besides all short pasta shapes. After being shaped by the pasta die the pasta is cut at the desired length and transferred on to the pasta pre-dryer to undergo initial pre-drying. 
The pasta dryers for the final drying phase of the product can be equipped with electric heating or with batteries for thermal exchange by hot water or steam; also, they are equipped with PLC to control and store the various drying parameters. 
Thanks to the analysis of air fluxes and control of the time-temperature-humidity parameters a specific drying program corresponds to each pasta shapes, which each customer can then customize and store.

Technical Data


MAC 100 (VR)

MAC180 VR (Vacuum)

Basin Capacity

25 Kg/h

50 Kg/h

Hourly Output

60-150 Kg/h



350 (405) Kg

420 (470) Kg


130/110/ h195 cm

150/150/ h195 cm

Power absorption

4.5-6.5 kW



Pasta extruder for the production of alimentary pasta designed and manufactured to respond to the requirements of continuous cycle productions for pasta labs and small industries. Manufactured adopting the most modern technologies, built entirely in stainless steel it is to the EEC hygiene and safety standards.

Structural features:

  • the Mixing basins, with capacity 50 Kgs. dough, are equipped with automatic overturn pneumatic system with dismountable shafts to enable easy cleaning operations
  • Independent fan for drying of the extruded product
  • Electric panel on board of the machine featuring control board in stainless steel and all control devices
  • Electronic speed variator (inverter) enabling variable production capacity for coupling with forming machines.


Special version equipped with device for vacuum extrusion fitted to the extrusion basin; device composed of special construction of mixing basin and relevant extrusion channel with seals for vacuum, vacuum pump equipped with joints to the extrusion basin, filtering and lubricating system, control devices.

Model equipped with the following:

  • Automatic pasta cutter for electronic control of cutting speed.
  • Extrusion cylinder equipped with circuit prearranged for cooling with water to be wasted.
  • Pressure switch to control exercise pressure complete with safety device to stop the machine in case of overpressure.
  • Electronic speed variator.

Upon demand

  • Cooling plant equipped with circuit to aggregate group.
  • Device for vacuum extrusion

Catalogue of Pasta Shapes


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Pasta Equipment:

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