Turn-key pasta factories

FRESH Pasta Lines and equipment

We propose major technological innovations for fresh pasta equipment to our customer's great advantage during all phases of fresh pasta production.

  • Fully automatic dosage and mixing of raw materials by dosers and centrifuge pre-mixers enabling also automatic control of recipes;
  • Continuous sheeters and pasta extruders for fully automatic pasta production line: technical features have been studied so as not to affect quality of dough;
  • Pasteurizers by overheated steam injection enabling to obtain a drier and less polished product comparable to the craftmade pasta. Our pasteurizers are equipped with two pre-drying tiers to enable removal of the residual humidity from surface of the pasta;
  • Multipletier chillers thanks to the last accumulation tier you can avoid having to stop production even if for a limited period of time should any problems arise during the packaging phase (i.e. simple change of the reel of packaging film).

Extruders MAC100 - MAC300

Machine of modern conception suitable for continuous, automatic production of any shapes of extruded pasta

Centrifuge Pre-Mixer is included in the standard equipment so as to ensure high quality and excellent performances

All models are equipped with centrifuge pre-mixer enabling perfect hydration of the powder ingredients and homogenization/amalgamation of the raw materials making up the dough. Production cycle is fully automatic and continuous.

The following models are available:

  • model equipped with horizontal extrusion head (VRO model), easy to operate;
  • model equipped with vertical extrusion head (VRC model), completely in stainless steel, equipped with piston for automatic ejection of the pasta die, impulse-cutting device for special shapes, manometer for control of the extrusion pressure.

As an OPTION all models can be fitted with VACUUM EXTRUSION DEVICE used to eliminate the air micro-bubbles in the dough, thus ensuring more brilliant, homogeneous final product.

Model equipped with the following:

  • Pasta-cutter complete with 6 pcs. knives with interchangeable blades, functioning with electronic control of cutting speed
  • Centrifuge pre-mixer mod. T 300 complete with dosers
  • Electronic speed variator
  • Ladder with access footpath for height discharge

Upon demand

  • Extra dosage of eggs/liquids with pre-selection device of n. 7 different programmable settings;
  • Closed-loop cooling plant;
  • Vacuum extrusion device;
  • Automatic flour feeding;
  • “Penne”-cutting device;
  • Linear die-holding head for long pasta mms. 600 in width

MAC220 VRC-300

Hourly output 60-150 Kg 220-280 Kg
Dimensions whithout feet 130x110xh195 cm 250x315xh200 cm
Weight 380 Kg 2.000 Kg
Power absorption 4,5 kW 15kW

Lasagna / Nesting Machine

Output 200-350 kgs/hour of spaghetti, nest-shaped pasta and lasagne

Equipped either with laminating group (for products obtained from sheet pasta) or spreading cone (for products obtained directly from pasta die) upon demand

Stainless steel version available

Suitable for continuous productions; fully automatic running controlled by PLC with relevant keyboard enables moulding of nests of the desired dimensions, shapes and lengths, as well as lasagne, automatically spread onto the drying looms and obtained either from laminated sheet pasta or from a pasta die; width of sheet mms. 510 (upon demand up to mms. 540).

Upon demand the machine can be equipped with the following:

  • Laminating unit for adjustment of sheet-pasta thickness, made up of couple of chromed, ground rollers
  • Automatic loom-feeding device featuring output of 8 pcs. looms cms. 60x120 with automatic loom-forwarding
  • Loom support after moulding, equipped with pre-drying fans
  • Equipped with electronic speed variator suitable for direct coupling with sheeter or extruder.

Technical features of Nesting machine:

  • Output: 200-340 Kgs per hour
  • Interchangeable cutting groups
  • Pneumatic system of tube lifting for nest moulding of various sizes (upon demand)
  • Cross cutting group made up of temporised blade for determination of tagliatelle length, synchronised with loom-forwarding device.

Technical features of Lasagne machine:

  • Longitudinal cutting group made up of adjustable-position rotative blades for determination of lasagna width and side trimming
  • Cross cutting group made up of temporised blade for determination of lasagne length, synchronized with loom-forwarding device.

Equipment supplied upon demand:

  • Special version with expanding cone for production of flat-, round-, oval-, waved-section nests (e.g. “reginette”) obtained from pasta die
  • Special version in stainless steel with direct discharge onto the pasteuriser net for production of fresh, nest-shaped “tagliatelle”.

Spaghetti cutting machine

Pasta machine complete with accumulating device Suitable for automation of the long, fresh pasta packaging phase Pasta machine running electro-pneumatically, suitable for automatic packaging of long pasta into bags or trays, to be included in fresh pasta production lines. Equipped with cross-cutting blade, width 600/1000 mms. depending on model, synchronized with the side sliding blocks for pasta accumulation. Prearranged to be equipped with cutting groups for the production of tagliatelle or other long, flat-section pasta. Line operation functioning and synchronization are controlled by PLC and programming keyboard.


Experience and research are required to obtain cookers studied to ensure excellent results and maximum efficiency, automatism and hygiene

Pasta machine built in stainless steel, equipped with water heating system by means of heat exchanger.
Scope of the heat exchanger working at 6 Bar saturated steam is to ensure constant and homogeneous cooking temperature inside the basin well over 98°C, so as to avoid fitting of internal coils, which could make it difficult to carry out washing operations at the end of the working day.
All the machines can be equipped with automatic device for lid lifting and conveyor mat.
The PLC fitted on the control panel equipped with software program studied by ITALPAST enables total control of the machine, automatically regulating cooking time, speed, water-levels and synchronization with the conveyor belts or the machinery that might be placed before/after the cooker.

Two versions can be supplied as follows:
  • Mod. CS - Ideal for cooking of sheet pasta, generally used for the production of lasagne and cannelloni. The sheet pasta is conveyed by means of a roller chain driven by side chains.
  • Mod. CR - Suitable for cooking of bulk products, short pasta, ravioli, tortellini, spaghetti, etc. as well as sheet pasta for lasagne and cannelloni. Equipped with a conveyor belt made in alimentary polypropylene and stainless steel, running in two modes: impulse running for bulk products; continuous running for sheet pasta with automatic increase of water-level.
    Output depends on length “L” and width “W” of the cooking basin as well as on the cooking time required for the product.

Available models are following:

"W" 540 "W" 700 "W" 1000 "W" 1200
The model points out usable width of the cooking mat. “L” means cooking basin length from 2 up to 12 meters upon demand.

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