Turn-key pasta factories

HANDMADE Pasta Machines

The only place where you can buy traditional, typical, local as well as specially handmade products obtained with very special care and control on the raw materials is the handmade pasta lab.

The pasta maker can meet and satisfy any requests thanks to his experience and love for his work.

As a matter of fact, there still is room for growth in the field of homemade pasta, especially for all those companies that can combine handicraft and wholesomeness to technical innovations and production capacity.

Italpast engineer and manufacture pasta machines and pasta plants for pasta also supplying technical and technological support with a view to increasing output, full functional capacity of use as well as reducing costs and increasing returns on the investment.

MAC100 - MAC300


Forming machines

Width of the two pasta sheets:160 mms. Performances reaching 250 Kgs per hour. Automatic machine that can be fed with sheet pasta obtained by sheeter or by extruder

Automatic machine suitable for the production of double-sheet ravioli, (sheet width 160 mms), equipped with variator for continuous operation, reaching high performances well over 200 kgs per hour.

This machine can operate coupled with sheeters and/or in direct coupling with extruders.
By easily fitting the suitable moulds any shapes can be obtained: square, rectangular, round, half-moon and specialties such as “sebadas”, “empanada”, “pierogi” or special sizes like fish, Christmas tree and many other shapes upon request.
As to filling dosage we recommend use of Pump mod. PL115 or similar, supplied separately: running is integrated in the production cycle of the ravioli machine. 
Entirely built in stainless steel all parts in contact with filling are dismountable and washable.
Electric plant, control panel and safety devices are to the EEC standards.

High output, small production equipment complete with continuous feeding of filling
Output over 300 Kgs per hour

Small pasta line by exceptional performances, considering high output of well over 300 Kgs per hour, and extreme flexibility (several diameters and lengths can be produced): furthermore, the pasta extruder can be used to produce short, long and sheet pasta.
Prices are extremely low thanks to simple manufacturing.

Lobe pump

Suitable for continuous dosage of filling
To be coupled with forming machines for ravioli, cappelletti and cannelloni

Suitable for continuous feeding of filling, to be coupled with ravioli machines model RA and all kinds of forming machines. 
Available in two versions with variable output from 60 up to 240 Kgs per hour or from 100 up to 400 Kgs per hour. 
The machine can operate with fillings of various consistence, and is equipped with speed variator to ensure easy coupling with the forming machines for filled pasta. 
Structure completely in stainless steel, dismountable and washable. 
Equipped with the following: basin for receipt of filling with scrapers and continuous feeding screw, lobe- dosing pump completely dismountable and washable.

Upon demand

  • Electric control panel for independent operation


Upon request we supply

  • extended conveyors for manual moulding of dumplings as "home made dumplings";
  • cutter for fish, chicken, beef mincemeat preparation;
  • cocking degister for raviolli | vareniki stuffing;
  • ice generators;
  • tunnel and room freezers;
  • packaging machines with dosing СО2 and other gas for extended shelf life up to 30 days

Catalogue of Pasta Shapes


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