Turn-key pasta factories

Maize / Rice pasta line

The automatic continuous pasta line E.N.A. D.D. is engineered and manufactured to produce short-cut pasta on metal slotted slats.

The line consists of a drying body (pre-dryer and dryer together) allowing a production capacity from 500 to 1000 kg/h.

It is suitable for any kind of short-cut pasta shape, but is mostly appropriated for the production of medium/big pasta shapes.

The line is engineered to customize the drying diagram. The controls placed along the line and the supervision by personal computer allow the operator to make all the modifications.

The line consists of a modern AXOR OCRIM press engineered to allow the operator to customize the dough depending on his own requirements.

The shaker, for the product pre-drying, is manufactured with 3 vibrating stainless steel mesh floors and radiant batteries allowing to reach very high working temperatures.

Pre-drying and drying phases are carried out in the same unit, separated internally, on metal slats floors. The internal separation allows two different climates that can be adjusted by their probes.

The ENA slats are manufactured in order to allow the hot air passage at high pressure coming from the fans placed on the heating batteries. The last floor of the dryer is done with close slats in order to start the product stabilization.

The product stabilization and cooling phases are carried out in a separate unit, using cloth or vibrating floors. The cooling action is granted by the cold air passage coming from the cold water batteries placed on the cooler itself.

The complete E.N.A. D.D. line consists of:

  • Aluminium belts manufactured with slotted slats carried by chains.
  • Self-adjustable feet allowing to level machines to any type of floors.
  • Stainless steel supporting frames which grant stability and a longer lifetime of the whole installation.
  • High performance batteries with flanged connections uni 2282.
  • High-density fiberglass panels lined internally with stainless steel plates and silicon rubber gaskets.
  • Hydraulic plant complete with 3-ways pneumatic valve, pump, by-pass, control valve, gauges and thermometers.
  • Air exchange systems realized with stainless steel channels and butterflies equipped with air suction and air input electrofans with pre-heating batteries.
  • High performance axial fans with electric motors suitable for high temperature Shaker and cooler equipped with a new conveying system with independent vibrating motors for each floor, controlled by inverter to optimize the dwelling time for each pasta shape.
  • Pasta trays for the shaker and cooler are realized with aluminium alloy profile and stainless steel mesh.
  • Preliminary dryer and main drier equipped with external motors fitted with safety devices.
  • New input system by expeller electric motors distribution.
  • Stairs and banisters to reach the machine roof realized according to international safety rules.
  • Electric panel for control and automation by means of a plc and supervision software on a personal computer.
  • Data trasmission assistance.

Technical Data - ENA DD

Power Consumption


Water temperature at the entrance (°C): 120 120
Absorbed thermal power (Kcal/h): 125000 250000
Absorbed refrigerating pasta(Kcal/h): 18000 36000
Refrigerating units for head and cylinders (Kcal/h): 6600 7600

Electricity Consumption

(Kg/h) 500 
Absorbed electrical power (kW): 60 90

Pneumatic, water and vacuum consumption

(Kg/h) 500 
Compressed air consumption(Nl/1’): 300 300
Water for dough consumption(lt / h) : 150 300
Vacuum consumption( 680 mmHg ) (m3/h): 80 160


Dimensions ENA DD



Line Composition
500 Kg/h
1.145.C 400 TMVS 500-1P + E.N.A. D.D. 10/7 + R.A. 1P 23900 4000 10350 4100 5470
1000 Kg/h 1.165.C 460 TMVS 1000 + E.N.A. D.D. 11/9 + R.A. 1P 24500 3400 11550 480 6170


Catalogue of Pasta Shapes


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