Short Pasta (Pasta Corta)

Cannelloni - hollow tubules of the big diameter from dough (or squares of dough curtailed in the form of tubules) which are filled in with forcemeat, sauce from above and baked in an oven.

Cavatelli – the short bent noodles reminding flat "cockleshells" with jagged edges.

Ditali - the hollow macaroni cut on short slices.

Ditalini – pasta, which is shorter, than Ditali. And is often used in preparation of minestrone (meat or chicken soup with vegetables).

Elbow – are widely known as "small horns" - hollow, tubular pasta of the semicircular form, having various length and diameters - from a thickness of thin spaghettis to 3 sm in diameter. Can have a smooth or ridge surface (rigati). This pasta became popular thanks to the American dish Macaroni and Cheese (macaroni with cheese).

Farfalle - pasta in the form of butterflies.

Rotelle - ("castors") – small short spirals, reminding a car detail.

Gemelli - this pasta reminds two short pieces of a spaghetti (length about 2.5 sm), twisted like a rope. They are used in a hot kind with sauce or in cold salads with addition of pasta.

Lasagna (Lasagna) – very popular pasta in the form of long, flat and very wide (from 5 to 7.5 sm) dough strips, often with the jagged edges. They are used in preparation of a popular dish with the same name (there are several layers of macaroni, and then cheese and sauce in a deep ware; it should be baked in an oven before occurrence of ruddy crust above).
Macaroni - the general name for the hollow or punched pasta of tubular form of various length and thickness – from tiny "small horns" to huge «manicotti». The majority of macaroni doubles in size in the course of cooking.

Manicotti - in house conditions, this dish is prepared by wrapping a stuffing in the big square of thin unrolled dough. In industrial conditions, this pasta is issued in the form of huge tubes (not less than 10 sm in length and more than 2.5 sm in diameter) with the ends cut off obliquely. The surface of tubes often happens corrugated.

Orzo - the small pasta having the sizes and the form of rice grains. They are often used instead of rice - as a garnish or in soups.

Pappardelle - flat, wide (about 1.5 sm) and long strips of noodles with slightly jagged edges. In Italy these noodles often go with dishes from rabbit.

Penne - the short smooth tubules which have been cut off on a diagonal from both ends, under the form reminding feathers for the letter.

Rigatoni - tubular pasta with a corrugated surface, diameter about 2.5 sm – second-large after manicotti. They are usually submitted with a considerable quantity of sauce (the dish is called Rigatoni).

Rotini - short spiral pasta with length about 2.5 – 5 sm, they are often used in cold salads, and also goes as entree with sauce.